City Made Out of Ticky-Tacky

City Made Out of Ticky-Tacky


I just completed the skyline for I Remember. This illustration now has my record for the longest time taken to complete. I created the skyscrapers out of balsa wood, bass wood, and popsicle sticks. I tried several different glues as my main adhesive including super glue, gorilla glue, goop, and rubber cement. Rubber cement worked the best overall, the other adhesives either took too long to set or were absorbed too much by the wood. Super glue worked well but I found myself running out of the small bottles very quickly, and I became nauseated by the fumes. I have yet to decide whether or not I will digitally install windows in the skyscrapers. I really enjoy the look of them right
now, but I am uncertain how they will look when I shoot the model and place him in front of this background. The next two steps of this lengthy illustration will be shooting the model and the installation of the many papers reading “Those are pearls that were his eyes.”

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